Tales of a Depressed Retailer

Always #LikeAGirl: My God, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen!

Oberyn being too preoccupied with Ellaria to focus on anything else. (requested by anonymous)

I didn’t care for him before, but now suddenly I love him…that is just beautiful.

I caught up on the fosters. Let me tell you how bad I cried with Frankie feels. Jesus and Hayley are a no go from me.


We all cried so hard. Frankie forever.

Cried for days! DAYS!


Haha! I can’t stop obsessing over this game!


Haha! I can’t stop obsessing over this game!

When you feel the need to get a license to conceal because of your stores location…

Last month, a handicapped man was car jacked and left without his wheelchair behind our store…last week, the bank next door was robbed, and this morning, in BROAD DAYLIGHT a girl was held up at gunpoint and robbed right in front of our store in the parking lot.

Since we sell guns at our store, and it’s a very bad neighborhood, a few of us have decided to take the class to get our concealed weapons license.

We’ve decided to go to a gun show next Saturday with one of our coworkers who is really knowledgable. I’ve shot a few guns before but not in a few years. I plan on being at the shooting range once a week till I’m comfortable.

Our DM is trying to get corporate to change our store hours so that we don’t close after dark. He’s so scared that something may happen to one of us and he thinks that scaring corporate into thinking they could get sued if someone is injured leaving the store that they’ll do it.

Here’s to hoping.



Imagine if there was a way retail workers could complain about their customers rather than vice versa and then we could check out their reviews just before we served them on a trip advisor for customers and then just be able to decide whether or not we would serve them based on how much of a dick/totally nice person they have been to fellow retail workers

I WISH. That would save us all so much time and energy.



That moment when you realize someone asked for a few days off, didn’t put their name down and the other manager writes “who are you? Who? Who?”

I love this :)

On the right path.

I can still feel my depression…every day I feel it…but I feel it in the background now. It’s not the most prevalent thing in my everyday life right now. It’s not the first thing I feel when I wake up, or the last thing I think about before falling asleep. It doesn’t keep me up all night at the moment and I’m able to smile without forcing it.

I’m not saying the depression is gone, cause I know it’s not, but being able to feel even a glimpse of happiness every day is such an improvement, and I’ll take what I can get.

Just thinking about feeling a bit of happiness creates more happiness…it feel like a spark creating a fire. One happy thought that leads to many.

Asking my DM for an even transfer (which lead to a promotion transfer) was the best thing I could have done for myself. This new store has helped me grow so much in such a short time.

I am so thankful for the opportunity my DM gave me and I love everyone I work with at this new store.

It’s a nice feeling to not dread going in to work anymore. Especially knowing I don’t have to be there at 6am every morning.

This lady in Florida now holds the record for most expensive Starbucks drink ever ordered…and ended up getting it for free…at least she waited till closing so she wouldn’t “hold up a line” instead I’m sure she just held up everyone trying to clean up and go home…